Things to do at Mui Ne, Vietnam

When you go to Mui Ne one of the first things you’ll hear about are the Sanddunes!! There most offered trip is a combination of going to the Fairy Stream and the Sand Dunes. I allready read some stories about the Sand Dunes so I really wanted to go there. Mui Ne is a relaxed beach town that attracks lots of tourists that wants to go surfing. If I would visit again I would go take some lessons too, same as I did in Kartong, The Gambia!

As everywhere in Asia there are lots of tourists agencies. I was at the agency with the American woman called Babette who I met in the bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne and we booked the trip to the Sand Dunes for the next afternoon.

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes, Mui Ne

The next morning I spent at the swimmingpool, did love the pool at Tien Dat Hotel, Mui Ne. I just needed a more expensive hotel, 3 stars.

I was on a budget the first part of my travel but at some point I wanted some more luxury, it was a holiday and I wanted swimmingpools 🙂 The Tien Dat Hotel has different options, the most expensive one is next to the beach. I was situated on the other side of the street and loved my pool!!

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne Vietnam

I really enjoyed this great pool and had a great salad at the hotel before going to the agency where we should be picked up. There I met Babette. Also a German guy and a guy from New Zealand who were going on this trip too. We were picked up by a man with a jeep and off we went.

Things to do at Mui Ne

At some point he stopped and told us to walk in the direction he pointed. When I looked in that direction I saw a small street in between houses. He pointed again and we figured that there would be the fairy stream. He would be waiting for us at the street he told us.
I didn’t get it because I just saw that street. But we just did what he told us. So after walking pass the houses and gardens of the people that lived there we saw at the end a stream.

At the end of the path we suddenly were standing in front of the fairy stream!!

We took of ours shoes and started to walk upstream!

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne
  • Fairy Stream

Things to do at Mui Ne

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

I loved the feeling of soft sand between your toes at the fairy Stream in Mui Ne

We had to take of our shoes said some kids who were standing there to take good care of them 🙂  Well, I took my shoes hanging on my bag with me.. And so we started to walk upstream. A really strange and soft feeling on the sole of your feet. It was a river but is was like 1 centimeter deep. And how far we went, it didn’t got any deeper.. Really strange, real fresh but not cold water, the sand was real soft.

This was a really nice walk!

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne
Doesn’t it look great?

Surroundings like in a Fairytale at the Fairy Stream

I think we walked like 15-20 minutes when suddenly we saw more people walking there. They were passing us and allready had seen the end. I was poorly informed and didn’t even know where we were walking towards 🙂 We walked on and it got more narrow and at the same time deeper.

More rocks on the bottom and less sand between our toes. Sometimesyou needed to look carefully to place your feet but we felt we approached the end. And there it was…we suddenly saw a small waterfall.

Not big, just like the rest as the river, small and soft. Maybe they call it a fairy waterfall just as the stream 🙂

We made a couple of pictures there….I lost my sunglasses in the water.. but I was lucky to find it again searching the undeep floor with our feet at the waterfall!!

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

After walking back we got back into the jeep and went on to the Sand Dunes, first we would go to the White Sand Dunes.

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

On our way to the Sand Dunes – Mui Ne, Vietnam

Meanwhile we drove along the coast and saw some real nice scenery like a fishermansvillage with hundreds of boats at the coast line. Made some real nice pictures there. Most people here live of the sea ofcourse… And we loved that view!!

After a while we came to the White Sand Dunes.

Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

Things to do at Mui Ne

We decided to walk instead of renting a fourwheel drive. So we started walking and decided that our goals was to go as high as we could up a sanddune hill. It was real hot and we took lot of pictures of us and the scenery. At some point we decided to run of a steep hill.

Playing around in this huge playground!!

We didn’t know how far we would slide into the sand so we ran hand in hand. I went down with the New Zealand-guy. It went real good, the sand is real hot at your feet and legs. But it felt real nice! Because we didn’t go deep into the sand Babette decided to run solo!!

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

We walked back on the rigde of a big sand dune.

It was a great scenery to watch!

These were the Yellow Sand Dunes and now we were headed to the Red Sand Dunes for a great sunset!

We got back into the Jeep and went to the Red Sand Dunes. There we would stay here for the rest of the afternoon and watch the sunset. We decided to rent a couple of sliding mats which you can use to slide of a sand dune. So much fun!!

There were ofcourse a couple of children and some women who were there to help us. First I tried without them but I almost went head over heels downwards. That didn’t work, they had a trick on how to start 🙂

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

Learning how to slide 
Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

They put us on the plastic thing and pushed us of the Sand Dune. It was real nice!!! It went real fast down the Dunes! We really had some fun sliding down the Sand Dunes!

When it was time to watch the sunset we gave the boys there rental-things back and we sat down and waited for a great sunset!

Things to do at Mui Ne -Vietnam

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

Babette from the USA and me

A couple of years later I met Babette again. This time it was in Colombia and we Climbed Cerro de Las Tres Cruces – Medellin

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

It took a bit longer than expected so in the mean time we had all kinds of ideas to make nice pictures with the sun. So now I have a serie of sunset pictures on the Sand Dunes!! #fun

I really loved my day there!

And that memory kept coming up because for days I found The Sand  of the Dunes in my clothes and bag!!!

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes - Mui Ne

Sunset at the Red Sand Dunes

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  • Other activities for Mui Ne

Cruising along the coast with a scooter

For a day activity just outside of Mui Ne I can recommend to rent a scooter and go cruise the coastline. Together with Babette we went for the market in Phan Thiet and we shot some nice pictures along the way. I really like the fact that you can stop where ever you are just to enjoy the scenery. In the end we drove for around some 100K that day and I loved it!

Things to do at Mui Ne, Vietnam

Do make sure that your insurance covers this. If you get into an accident or such.. And make sure to have the drivers license needed for this scooter. It is a motor scooter and you do need a special drivers license for it!

Surfing or Kiting at Mui Ne

Everywhere along the coast, on the beach, you see the surf and kite schools. It is the perfect spot to learn it or when you are a surfer already… This is the spot to be. The bay is in a perfect location to have enough wind on a daily bases to go surf your heart out!1

Things to do at Mui Ne

My first night in Mui Ne I stayed in a cabin on the beach, I forgot the name of the resort but it is where now the Sunrise Resort is located…

Right on the beach, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Visit the local Market / Harbour

Always a good idea is to visit the local market. But the harbour also gives you the best views! Mui Ne is along the coast so lots of fish and lots of other merchandize to be seen.

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Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes, Mui Ne - Vietnam

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