Photoblog: The City of Paderborn – Germany

Streetview with the typical German houses

Paderborn is a city in eastern North Rhine-WestphaliaGermany, capital of the Paderborn district. The name of the city derives from the river Pader and ‘born’, an old German term for the source of a river. The river Pader originates in more than 200 springs near Paderborn Cathedral, where St. Liborius is buried. I had a city tour in this city with great historical buildings.

City Hall
Street in front of City Hall
The guide telling how the Pader river was born here

Statue of lady washing clothes in the Pader
Left house is the famous, old Adam and Eve house.
The Pader with on the background the Cathedral
The water comes through the stones of church and the square
and slowly runs into this pond.
That takes a couple of days so it is not fresh water anymore

Officially it’s a Cathedral but they still call it a Dom
Streetview with the Cathedral on the background
Great city with lots of old buildings!!



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