Spotting Whales in Hermanus Bay, South Africa

Driving on those beautiful and well maintained highway of South Africa we were heading to Hermanus to spot some whales. We read that they were there on a daily bases and of course we were very curious about that! I had no idea what to expect and my mom and I went there to be surprised.

Spotting whales at Hermanus bay, South Africa

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Driving there and stopping at Betty’s Bay

The way along the coast is a beautiful one to drive.It gives you so many great panorama views along the bays and the mountains. When we arrived at Hermanus we immediatly saw where we had to be. There was a big parkinglot with a viewing point where a lot of people were standing staring in the same direction, the bay of Hermanus. There were a couple of them walking away from the bay,  we got the idea that we were to late, we missed it.. We had visited Betty’s Bay earlier that afternoon, spotting hundreds of pinquins!! Great experience!! Read about that here

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South AfricaArriving at Hermanus

Whales in sight!!

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

We parked our car as quickly as we could and walked back to the viewingpoint. There were a lot of people still standing and watching the bay. It didn’t took long for us to wait untill we saw a fin of a whale sticking out of the sea! It was a couple of 100 metres away but we defenitily saw a fin of a great big whale! What a huge animal it must be! Everybody that saw it cheered and was happy! So cool to see this!

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

Beautiful Bay of Hermanus

Spotting the amazing whales

It didn’t took long before we saw another whale. This one came out of the water highter. What a great sight! And just a second later the water came out of his blowwhole, such a great sighting. And I got it on the picture as well!! I was so happy seeing this wonder of nature getting closer and closer to us! I couldn’t imagine how big the animal was, so many metres under water. You just see such a small detail of this large animal, it is unbelievable. I felt so small!! We as humans are so small and minute but still have such an influence over all things that are so powerful and amazing!!

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South AfricaIsn’t that great? Jumping out of the water?

(pictures are taken from a couple of hundred metres away)

The whales seemed to come closer. At some point I started to walk with two of them, I came upon the point of the viewingpoint and at a certain point exited the viewingpoint and entered the cliff. I was a bit closer to the sea and two of the enormous whales were swimming in front of me with just a small bit of the back visible above sealevel. I was looking with my mouth open, I was struck by its beauty and overwhelmed by its size!!

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South AfricaI saw this whale swimming past me just metres in front of me!

Checking Whales at Hermanus BayBetween me and the people left of me you see the whale!!

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South Africa

Spotting whales in Hermanus bay, South AfricaMy mom and I with the Hermanus Bay on the background


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I hope you enjoy this beautiful as much as I do!!


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