Session of Healthy Pain – Foot Reflexology in Bangkok, Thailand

Ever heard of Reflexology? I got a session Reflexology in Bangkok and I can tell you it is good….but it was so painfull!! I can recommend you do the same but be prepared!!

Sitting down behind a sink that was placed on the ground my session of healthy pain would start. The lady sat in front of me and one for one put my feet into the sink and I felt fresh water filling the room besides my feet. She carefully started to wash my feet and after she took me to another room. I heard semi classical music on the background, I recognized the music. It was 80’s music, my favorite, but then only the music in a classical performance.

Foot Reflexology in Bangkok, Thailand

The lights were dimmed and the temperature was a little chill, as always in the airco in Asia. I saw another lady lying in a relaxing chair, in front of her I saw a Thai lady sitting. She was massaging the feet of the relaxing lady. The lady that had washed my feet showed me to a same kind of chair and at the moment I sat down she pushed the back down and I lay down and my feet went up. The Thai lady got a towel and placed that over me, not to get cold, and she sat in front of me. I shut my eyes, I couldn’t see the lady anymore and all I could see was the plain white ceiling.

The lady got my foot in her hand and I felt her placing her thumb in the sole of my foot. I felt that thumb going deep into my sole. Aah, it started to hurt. She pressed exactly underneath my toes, exactly on the joints of my toes and then she kept the pressure. She kept it long! I just had to tightend myself to get the pain to go away and when she let go I was so relieved and tried to relax again.

Reflexology in BangkokA session of Healthy Pain
Foot Reflexology in Bangkok, Thailand

Wauw, those small hands of her had some strong fingers! She could place a lot of pressure on my foot. I had opened my eyes just to check how she did that, I thought for a minute that she had gotten a wooden stick or something but no.. She was barehanded pressuring my foot. And that same thumb was now running an track on top of my foot to my ankle and going along my shin.

And that too hurted like hell!

How hard did she press? Is that oke? Does it hurt with anybody? Or is that exactly what it needs to do?
Who wants to be pretty gets to endure some pain.. Is that only a Dutch expression? Well…I do know that when it hurts with the sportsmassages that she is working on the right spot.. So I guess it is oke? I just have to endure this and after it will get less painful!

Well, that was wishfull thinking. Everytime I felt that thumb again on the little bones of my foot, on my heel, on the sole of my feet it hurted like hell! What an agony! I got warm and couldn’t relax anymore. Everytime she let go of my foot I could get some breath and relax before she started again. The bloodflow in my body was getting fully activated. That has to be a good sign? The substances that aren’t supposed to be in my feet wil surely go out of there right now!

Foot Reflexology in Bangkok, Thailand

I learned once that every part of your foot is in connection with a part of your body. Those parts are activated right now to undo themselfes of all the waste. The more it hurts the more the bloodflow worked all the waste was worked out of my body! With that in mind I got into this position and tried to bite the pain away. Every part of my foot she got was hurtfull and gave me a new experience.

Just when the pain started to get less the littly Thai lady thought she had enough of that foot and got the other foot and so the agony started all over again. I told myself to think about the great 2 hours massage I would get after this!!

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I hope you enjoy this world as much as I do!