Sleeping while traveling, everytime a new adventure! Thailand, Koh Tao to Surat Thani

When you’re traveling you will be sleeping under conditions you could have never thought of doing while your at home, going to your own bed. I’ve got a Kingsize waterbed….for myself 🙂

That time when I took the nightboat from Koh Tao to the mainland of Thailand I was prepared to sit all night. When we came on board I was pointed to the upperdeck. When I looked at the upperdeck all I saw were matrasses. All beds, great!! I think maybe up to 30 beds in a row!!

I searched the numbers untill I found number 56, that would be my bed for the night. I sat down on my matras only to find out is was just a bit wider than my hips. On both sides I just had a couple of centimetres left.

But still, I slept really good. I used my new Sarong as a blanket and my small backpack as a pillow, it was good! I lay down on my left side, the same side my neighbour choosed and that’s why we could lay down like we had seas of space 🙂

I did felt sorry for a guy lying a couple of beds away from me…. He had a big sized American guy lying next to him…


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