Highlights of Trinidad – Cuba

Everyone who goes to Cuba will visit the great city of Trinidad! It is colorful, versatile and has a lot to offer. Not only in the town itself but also the surrounding area is a must to discover! Read more about the highlights of Trinidad.

Trinidad is a city in Central Cuba and is known for its beautiful streets lined with old cobblestones. Strange to realize that these came from the slave boats …

Trinidad has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1988 and I can totally understand why! This city was created by the sugar plantations in the area. Most of the big colorful houses have their background in them.

I have been in Trinidad for 3 days and was, by bike and horse, also in the vicinity of the city. I enjoyed the beautiful colorful city of Trinidad!

Highlights of Trinidad – Cuba

If you are in Trinidad, which highlights of Trinidad should you visit??

Meseo Municipal de Trinidad “Palacio Cantero”

Meseo Municipal de Trinidad "Palacio Cantero" Trinidad - Cuba

The historical museum gives you an idea of how people lived in the flourishing days of the sugar cane plantations. I liked to walk through it. Sniffing through the history and getting an idea of the historical background of the town. Look at that beautiful but simple big kitchen below!

Meseo Municipal de Trinidad "Palacio Cantero" Trinidad - Cuba

In addition, this museum has a great tower where you can go upstairs. I will always look for these vantage points! See the surroundings and take beautiful panoramic pictures. Aren’t you?

Convento de San Fransisco de Asis - Trinidad, Cuba

The Convento de San Francisco de Asis tower is accessible from the National Museum of the Battle against the Bandits.

Arquitectura Colonial

highlights of Trinidad - Cuba

I haven’t been inside this museum of architecture.
You see it on the right of this picture. The blue building.

Nacional Meseo De La Lucha Contra Bandidos

Translated, this museum is called: The Battle against the Bandits. Very interesting of course, everyone knows the stories from Fidel’s time. And if you don’t know him… then you certainly know Che Guevara. This museum is also about the battle that was fought at that time, the 60s of the 20th century.

At least I thought it was worth walking around.

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad

Convento de San Francisco de Asis

In addition, this museum gives access to the tower that I think is on most of the pictures of Trinidad. So that is a tower you must have climbed when visiting Trinidad!

The view from this tower is also great over all the highlights of Trinidad. You look right over the Plaza Mayor. And of course a great view over the city and the mountainous surroundings!

Hoogtepunten van TrinidadThe mountains in the background is the national park Topes de Collantes. There I made a great half day trip horseriding! I’ll tell you more about that later.

Highlights of Trinidad – Cuba

Playa Mayor

Take your time and sit down on the steps of the Plaza Mayor. Every city has a Playa Mayor and often it is a coming and going of all the people moving around the city. So from locals to the tourists who are there in mass. I loved to let the music get to me and absorb the feeling of relaxed Cuba.

highlights of Trinidad - Cuba

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad

With great live music, it’s good to be here!

The great cobblestoned streets

Streets of Trinidad

One of the biggest highlights of Trinidad are the local streets! All kinds of guides describe walks so you can explore the streets of Trinidad. That is also definitely worthwhile. If you walk out of the busy center you are right in the middle of local life. You can see the small independent shops where the pieces of meat are hanging in the open air but also the women who exchanged the latest gossip with each other.

Straten van Trinidad - Cuba

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba

I loved to make that trip in the streets outside the city centre every time! Each time I walked to my casa I took a different road 🙂

Straten van Trinidad - Cuba

Take a look at the Walk through colourful Trinidad I took.

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba

Highlights of Trinidad – Cuba

Straten van Trinidad - Cuba

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba

Horseback Riding in Topes Collantes NP

A day in the nearby Topes Collantes is also a must! See and experience the surrounding nature. Of course there will be a cigar and a cup of coffee… Where you can buy it too 🙂 And I walked a bit to a beautiful waterfall. Everyone will take you to another piece and show you something different but it is great to spend some time in nature!

Read more about this horseback ride in Topes Collantes

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba

Cycling to the beach of Playa Ancon

What I also liked and enjoyed doing was cycling to the coast. Some physical exercise, cycling through the landscape of Cuba and taking some time for that. I arrived at a village La Boca next to Playa Ancon on the coast, there I saw some fishermen and took some time to see the village. When I cycled on I passed several beaches where when you walk on them you are often immediately approached by someone who apparently is in the area and asks you for a sum of money if you want to use their beach.

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba
On the beach near La Boca I of course took some time for some yoga exercises.

In Playa Ancon I finally enjoyed the beach and enjoyed the weather!

For if you want to read more about Cycling to Playa Ancon

Hoogtepunten van Trinidad - Cuba

I enjoyed my visit to the highlights of Trinidad and the surrounding area. I loved Cuba and would love to go back one more time… 3 weeks is of course way too short!

Stay in Trinidad

During my whole trip in Cuba I didn’t have a hotel but only stayed in the local casas. I liked that very much. You get the local tips, you eat the local food and talk with the owners. I loved it!

Casa in Trinidad Cuba

I stayed at Casa Georgina Zayas (Titi)
Hostal Georgina y Jose Ramon.

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